V3 Learning Edition, Faculty & Student license FAQ

1. Do you offer licenses of Maxwell Render for learning purposes?

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Yes, we offer Learning Edition licenses for students and hobbyists as well as Faculty licenses for instructors and educational institutions to be used in a teaching environment.  Student licenses are also available for students currently enrolled in a course.

Faculty and Student licenses are not valid for government or commercial research, even within an educational institution.

2. How much does a Learning Edition, Faculty & Student license cost?

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Please see our current price list on our website.

3. What are the differences between Learning Edition licenses and full Maxwell Render Suite licenses?

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Learning Edition licenses are strictly for non-commercial use only. The Learning Edition also has some light technical restrictions in order to make it suitable for non-commercial use (resolution restricted to HD, no network rendering, node-locked licenses).  Please see our website for more information about the restrictions.

4. How can I purchase a Learning Edition license?

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Learning Edition licenses are available directly from our online store or from an authorized reseller (no student ID required).

5. Do Faculty and Student licenses have any technical restrictions?

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No, Faculty licenses are regular Floating licenses (no resolution restriction) but for non-commercial, learning and teaching purposes only.  The same applies to Student licenses, however they are Node Locked licenses and not Floating.

6. Can I upgrade my Learning Edition or Faculty license for V1 or V2 to a Learning Edition or Faculty for V3?

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There are no upgrade paths from previous educational licenses as the pricing has already been discounted with the release of V3.

7. Can I upgrade my Learning Edition license to a commercial Maxwell Render Suite license?

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Yes, you can upgrade from Learning Edition to the commercial Suite.  The Maxwell Render Suite price will be discounted by the amount you paid for your Learning Edition (within the same version only).  You may contact an authorized reseller or Next Limit to make the upgrade.

8. How can I acquire Educational licenses for my school/university?

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Educational licenses are available and require partnership agreements with the educational institution or training center.  Please have an instructor/staff member contact education@nextlimit.com  Students are unable to acquire educational licenses directly - only instructors/staff members can request them for students.

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