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A RealWave node always carries an “Object interaction global” modifier for use with other bodies. Since this default attachment acts globally for all objects, the "Object interaction" modifier has been introduced to perform settings for each object individually. To make use of it, you have to go to the object’s “Realwave” panel and change “Interaction Wave” to the desired modifier:

Object > Node Params > Realwave > Interaction Wave > Object interaction[nn]



You can choose between “Yes” and “No”. The active switch is normally only needed with more than one modifier or other sources of wave creation, e.g. travelling objects. Under such circumstances you can disable the appropriate modifier and evaluate the underlying wave structure for fine-tuning.


With “Weight” it is possible to define a kind of mixing strength. By default, each set of waves contributes to the final result at equal strength and weight. To reduce the influence of a certain modifier, simply decrease its weight. The range starts with 0.0, while 1.0 stands for 100%.

Max height

Each object can contribute to wave creation this parameter sets the maximum height of the generated waves. RealFlow automatically suggests a value, but you should consider changing it anyway. “Max height” should match the scene’s elements.

Wave speed

The waves that are generated from impacting or moving objects always have a certain speed, controlled with this value. Very fast waves may cause instabilities, like unwanted patterns, peaks, or chaotic structures. In this case, either reduce “Wave speed” or increase the RealWave’s polygon size. Similar to “Max height”, this parameter should also match the object’s physical parameters. The parameter is measured in metres per second [m/s].

Wave Damping

Without damping, waves would travel forever. In reality waves always have a certain amount of damping causing a loss of energy. With this value it is possible to control the propagation of the waves over the surface and the moment when they completely disappear. Higher values reduce the life-span of the waves.

Depth effect

Objects that move below a RealWave surface can still influence it and create a more or less clearly visible bulge. Emerging objects are also able to produce such a displacement of the surface, indicating that the object is about to pass the surface.


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