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Here you can query information about licenses and call internal help functions.


You can access RealFlow’s internal "Help Viewer" with this command. RealFlow’s help system also provides a complete Python scripting reference. The "Help Viewer" and its versatile possibilities are explained separately here.

When you click on this link you will be forwarded to web site where you can find overview about RealFlow 2014's new features.

A click on this entry opens RealFlow's Python scripting reference.

RealFlow's graphs engine is a powerful visual programming interface.

Use this function to get an overview about RealFlow’s keyboard combinations, embedded in the help system.

Prompts RealFlow to open your default internet browser and launch the RealFlow website.

We also provide online tutorials covering various topics to get you off to a good start with RealFlow. Please follow the link. 

Here you will find useful information about available resources for RealFlow.

This entry provides a direct link to RealFlow's online technical documentation. 

The “Customer Gateway” is your personal account where you can download RealFlow, the RealFlow RenderKit, and the connectivity plugins. It also provides information about your licenses, purchase options, contact forms, and a registration form for the “Official RealFlow Forum”. Please note that only customers can access this area. 

Here you will find the terms of use and copyright notes. Please read the Software Enduser License Agreement carefully, because it contains relevant information about running RealFlow.

The license for the embedded Python distribution can be found here.

This is a very useful source of information where you can find all known bugs, for example. If you observe an error, you can first have a look at this panel to check, whether the malfunction is already known or not. If you think the malfunction is really a bug, you can contact Next Limit is help desk. Additionally, system and hardware requirements are listed here, along with the latest modifications of the software.

The splash screen shows information about your license.

RealFlow comes bundled with a wide variety of example scenes for different fields of application. The submenu provides direct access to all of them with just a single click: simply choose the desired scene from the list. The project will be loaded and a description appears, telling you how to handle it. The demo projects can be found in the RealFlow application folder under “scenes”.


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