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  • Product name: the license gives access to this product.
  • Activation key: also called license key; it is a unique set of characters that represents a specific license. This is the one that has to be used in Maxwell's License Activator along with your portal's email and password to activate the license as explained here: Floating license activation or here: Node-Locked license activation.
  • Type: the license can be either Node Locked or Floating; you can learn more about them here: License types.
  • GUIs: this represents the part of the license that allows exporting the scene from the 3D application or Studio to Maxwell Render (it basically allows writing mxs files). 
  • Nodes: this represents the part of the license that allows rendering the scene either in Maxwell Render or the Network System (it basically allows generating mxi files from the mxs one).
  • Host ID: when the license is activated it is tied to a particular computer; this host ID is the MAC address of the first network card of the computer where the license is activated. It is automatically set by Maxwell's License Activator or it can be set manually. In this page, entry #7 you can learn different ways of finding your computer's host ID. If there's no host ID set, the license has not been activated yet.
  • Created on: this is the date when the license was generated.
  • Expiry date: the license will stop working on the day shown here unless the license is permanent.
  • Actions: using these buttons you can either assign the first host ID to your license (orange one) or download the already activated license file (green).