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  • Enables additional sampling of specific regions within the rendered image. See Extra Sampling.

Maxwell's integrated denoiser eliminates noise in renderings. This makes it possible to achieve an excellent render quality in a fraction of the time it would take without denoising. See Denoiser.

  • Auto Configure:Off allows manual configuration of all settings. Fast sets parameters automatically for the most efficient denoising at the expense of some accuracy. Accurate trades some speed for maximum accuracy.
  • Apply Denoise: At each SL computes the denoised image after each SL is reached (starting at the specified SL). Useful when you are not yet sure what SL will be required to produce a satisfactory denoised image. At End is more efficient as the denoised image is only calculated once, when the rendering is complete.
  • Denoise Shadow: Denoises the shadow channel as well, which improves accuracy. Disabled when Auto Configure is set the Fast.
  • Use GPU: Enables GPU acceleration.

    titleDenoiser Settings

    Due to requirements of the denoising system, Apply Denoise is automatically set to At End when the GPU engine is used, or Extra Sampling is enabled.

    Denoising is not available in CPU Draft mode.