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Rigid and elastic particles are able to interact with all types of liquids, granular particles, force-based daemons, and objects with  "Collider" tags. Interactions between other rigid/elastics are supported as well. Mind the appropriate  "LinksManual Linking" field to establish the interactions.


Here, all spheres will be controlled by a common "Elastic" object. For "Rigid" the setup is exactly the the same.




this example, every sphere has its own "Elastic" deformer to establish individual settings.

Using MoGraph Cloner

It is possible to create instances from a base object through a MoGraph cloner and turn these objects into rigid and elastics. Again, a certain hierarchy has to be maintained:


The deformer can be located above or below the "Cloner" node – the result will be the same.


For more information about RealFlow | Cinema 4D deformer and MoGraph cloner visit this page.