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The RLM license server can work in virtual environments, i.e VMWARE, Amazon cloud, Parallels or other virtual environments, but the licenses have to be enabled for that in Customer Portal when generating the license. You will find that checkbox in second step of the license generation process like shown the image below:


Installing Maxwell in silent mode 

Maxwell allows a silent installation of its components via command line on Windows. To do so, simply type /S when invoking the installer on the command line prompt: 

  • maxwell_render_4.1.1.1_win64.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell

The additional arguments are: 

/D=dir  (to indicate the folder where Maxwell will be installed)
/MATERIALDATABASE= dir  (to indicate the path to the materials database folder)
/SHORTCUTS=on/off  (creates desktop shortcuts to the application. By default it is disabled)



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