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  • interact with static objects, rigid and soft bodies
  • interact with RealWave surfaces
  • create wet-dry maps

Particle and Material Types

To switch between the various materials and particle types go to DY_Domain > Node Params > Particles > Type.


Dyverso supports the interaction of particles from → different domains, but there are a few exceptions. It is not possible, for example, to

  • combine "Liquid - PBD" with "Liquid - SPH" fluids
  • make "Dumb" particles interact with other Dyverso fluids or materials
  • let "Rigid" and "Elastic" materials collide
  • influence "Elastic" materials through "Granular" particles, "Liquid - PBD", or "Liquid - SPH" fluids.
  • moving "Rigid" materials through "Granular" particles, "Liquid - PBD", or "Liquid - SPH" fluids works, but within narrow limits.

Here is what you can do:

  • Make particles from → different emitters or objects (only valid for "Rigid" and "Elastic") interact within the same domain.
  • Simulate "Liquid - PBD" or "Liquid - SPH" fluids from different domains, e.g. for oil-in-water simulations.
  • Wash away "Granular" particles with "Liquid - PBD" or "Liquid - SPH" fluids.
Available Materials


 and different materials. Here is a table with all possible interactions:


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Available Materials
Ballistic particles, unable to interact. Good for massive spray effects
DumbBallistic particles, unable to interact. Good for massive spray effects.
Liquid - SPH"Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics". A highly accurate fluid type similar to RealFlow's standard particles, but much faster, and GPU-accerlated.Dumb
Liquid - PBD"Position-Based Dynamics". A very fast and robust fluid type.
GranularSuitable for the simulation of sand, snow, salt, and other granular substances.
RigidSimulate → rigid bodies based on particles.
ElasticSimulate → elastic bodies with the help of particles.