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QF-TAGS: View, Single View, Quad Grid, Viewport Navigation Mouse Panning Zooming Rotating View, Front View, Side View, Perspective View, Scene Camera Caption, Time Code Caption, Simulation Time Caption, Frame

By default, RealFlow opens with a “Single View”. This window shows a perspective view of the simulation space. The “Quad View” provides a split screen separated into four windows, showing a “Top View”, “Front View”, “Side View” and “Perspective View”. A fifth alternative is called “SceneCamera View” (shortcut: 5) and is only available with an imported camera or one of RealFlow’s cameras. You can easily toggle between 2D and 3D views either with the number keys (1-4) or the appropriate entry from the “View” menu. It is also possible to choose from different shading modes and display various information about the nodes, e.g. the amount of grid cells.