DY - Multiple Domains

It is possible to add more than one Dyverso domain to a scene, and their particles are also able to interact. In order to assign a Dyverso emitter to a specific domain you have to connect them in the → "Relationship Editor". Here is a typical setup with three domains and several emitters:

  • Emitters must be unlinked from the "Hub01" node (select one or more connections with the mouse and press Del).
  • To link specific nodes draw a line between them with pressed Ctrl/Cmd key.
  • Daemons can also be linked individually to make them act on specific domains only.
  • We also recommend reading the → following page for more information about which Dyverso material types are able to interact.


"Gravity01" acts on all domains, "Sheeter01" only on "DY_Domain02", and "Drag_Force01" is exclusive to "DY_Domain03".
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