DY - Filling Objects

When closed objects, like spheres or cubes, have to be filled with Dyverso's "Fill Object" emitter a certain workflow has be to maintained:

  • Create the object you want to fill, and the "Fill" emitter. The associated domain will be added automatically.
  • Apply the object to the emitter's Node Params > Fill Emitter > Object.



Now the object can be filled with a click on "Reset", but when you simulate you will encounter problems, because the object is considered a solid block by default. And solid blocks cannot be filled with particles.

  • Create a copy of the object with Ctrl/Cmd + D.
  • Change the original object's "Volume mode" to "Solid inside".
  • Change the cloned object's "Volume mode" to "Solid outside".



  • Go to the "Relationship Editor" and unlink the original object from the "Hub01" node by deleting the connecting line.



When you reset and simulate you will see a correct behaviour. The differentiation between particle creation object and collision object necessary, because Dyverso's particle-object interaction is not based on a geometric solution, but uses fields instead. Fields are much faster.

Under → "Python Code Examples" you find a script that will do all these necessary adjustments for you automatically. All you have to do is to select the object you want to fill and run the script.

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