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If you cannot find this emitter type, please take a look at:

Edit > Add > RealWave > Crest Splash


The settings found here, are used to determine the circumstances and environmental conditions, in which crest particles will be created. Some of them react rather sensitively. Similar to the “Object Splash” emitter it is necessary to differentiate between the parameter set for the particles on top of the cresting waves and their impact on the RealWave surface – the latter is controlled with the “RW Particle Interaction” panel. One very common approach with crest splash particles is the creation of foam maps.


Choppiness for emission

When this parameter is set to 0.0, only the height and velocity information of a wave will be used for the creation of crest particles. Raising it to values greater than 0.0 will add a new component, based on the “sharpness” of the waves. Please note that this is a very sensitive parameter and also requires a certain amount of crests. If you cannot see any particles, either try enhancing choppiness, or start with 0.0 and slightly raise the value. There are also modifiers that do not create cresting waves, for example “Fractal” or the “Spectrum” modifier's “Asymmetric” mode.


This value controls the emission rate together with resolution. Higher settings will create more and of course faster particles. This value is measured in metres per second [m/s].

Speed variation

A great option to avoid patterns. Due to the regular polygon structure of a RealWave mesh, patterns often occur during creation time. Adding some randomness to “Speed” helps to suppress these artifacts.

Height for emission

Here you can trigger the emission of particles. Please note that particles are only created above this value. It strongly depends on the used surface modifier and the final height of the waves. The parameter can be used to create spray on wave crests.

Speed for emission

The surface waves also move at a certain speed and this velocity can be used to trigger the creation of particles. If the surface’s speed is above this particular value, particles will be emitted.

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