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With this modifier it is possible to create your own waves based on Python scripting. Of course, this process requires knowledge of Python and the appropriate functions provided by RealFlow. Once you are a little familiar with this scripting language you can write your programs to displace the hexamesh vertices according to your needs. Please note that you are not restricted to certain axes: vertices can be manipulated in all directions. Vertical horizontal displacement is possible and therefore you will be able to create breaking or convex waves with appropriate scripts or plug-ins. If you are not familiar with programming tools, we recommend that you use the new grid fluid solver for breaking waves.




You can choose between “Yes” and “No”. The active switch is normally only needed with more than one modifier or other sources of wave creation, e.g. travelling objects. Under such circumstances you can disable the appropriate modifier and evaluate the underlying wave structure for fine-tuning.


With “Weight” it is possible to define a kind of mixing strength. By default, each set of waves contributes to the final result at equal strength and weight. To reduce the influence of a certain modifier, simply decrease its weight. The range starts with 0.0, while 1.0 stands for 100%.


A click on this button opens an extra scripting window. This window contains a few comments, introduced by a “#” symbol, and an empty function for updating the surface’s vertices. This part can be filled with your script and RealFlow will execute the instructions to create the desired waves.


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