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This modifier loads a previously simulated sequence of RWC files from the disk and applies it to a RealWave surface. An important difference to RWC is that SD files store the entire simulation within a single file, while RWC files are written per frame. Actually, "RWC Sequence" is not a traditional modifier, it works like the "Binary Loader", which is capable of importing pre-simulated BIN particle sequences.




You can choose between “Yes” and “No”. The active switch is normally only needed with more than one modifier or other sources of wave creation, e.g. travelling objects. Under such circumstances you can disable the appropriate modifier and evaluate the underlying wave structure for fine-tuning.


With “Weight” it is possible to define a kind of mixing strength. By default, each set of waves contributes to the final result at equal strength and weight. To reduce the influence of a certain modifier, simply decrease its weight. The range starts with 0.0, while 1.0 stands for 100%.

RWC Sequence

When you click on the hyphen, RealFlow opens the well-known file browser for you to choose a series of RWC files from any location on your hard disk drive.


You can choose from three different modes: “Normal” simply plays back the sequence from the first to the last frame. You can limit the range by entering appropriate values for the first and the last frame in the timeline. “Loop” jumps back to the very first frame after the end has been reached and “PingPong” plays the sequence back and forth.


You also have the possibility to start with the last frame for playback.

Number of frames

This field tells you how many RWC files were found and applied to the RealWave mesh.

Frame Offset

If you want to start playback a little later you can specify the desired frame here. Please note that this value does not truncate any frames – it just shifts the beginning frame.


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