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This is a very useful function to create a kind of preset from which the simulation can be resumed easily. An initial state can be saved at any time and the resulting file will be stored under the “initialState” folder of your project’s directory.



Use Initial State

There are two options available with this setting: “No” and “Yes”. "Yes" allows you to use an initial state with the currently selected RealWave node, while “No” disables this possibility.

Make Initial State

This is the button to create and save the initial state file which will be used to resume the simulation exactly from this moment. 

To use an initial state with a simulation it is not enough to activate “Use InitialState” – you also have to reset to this specific point. This can be done by tagging the “Reset To InitialState” option next to the "Reset" button. With the next reset, RealFlow will load the initial state file and the simulation starts from 0 again. Existing simulation files will be overwritten with a new simulation. Normally it is not necessary to backup previously generated files, but if you need them, you should not forget to apply a new name for the RealWave object. 

Here is the workflow:

  • Make an initial state with the “Make Initial State” button.
  •  Set “Use Initial State” to “Yes”.
  • Activate the “Reset To InitialState” option next to the “Reset” button.
  • Optional: Backup your previous data or apply a new export name for the RealWave node.
  • Reset the scene to load the initial state at frame 0 (or any other specified frame).
  • Simulate, using the initial state.

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