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Here is a table with dynamic viscosity values for different substances. The dynamic viscosity's associated SI unit is Pascal Second [Pa s] and represented through the Greek letter μ (“Mu”). Some resources use other units, so please make sure that you always look for values with Pascal Second.

Please be careful when you get dynamic viscosity values from different sources, e.g. books or the Internet: Some substances have very low viscosity values, and therefore you will often see a “milli” (m) or “micro” (µ) prefix with the unit. The latter prefix can normally be seen with gasses, but they are not relevant for RealFlow. If the prefix is “milli” the value has to be divided by 1,000; with “micro” by 1,000,000. In the table below, all values have been converted into Pa s and you can use them directly.



SubstanceT [°C]Viscosity [Pa s]SubstanceT [°C]Viscosity [Pa s]
Alcohol, ethyl200.0011

Oil, gear, SAE 90

Alcohol, isopropyl200.0024

Oil, hydraulic, HLP 100

Alcohol, methyl200.00059

Oil, hydraulic, HLP 46

Alkyd resin200.5 - 3.0Oil, hydraulic, HLP 68200.195
Apple sauce201.5Oil, linseed400.03
Baby food401.4Oil, lubricating200.06 - 0.2
Blood370.003 - 0.004Oil, machine, heavy200.6
Butter4030.0Oil, machine, light200.15
Butterfat400.045Oil, motor, SAE 10200.05
Caulk201,000.0Oil, motor, SAE 15200.13
Chocolate sauce500.28Oil, motor, SAE 15W140-153.0
Cocoa butter600.05Oil, motor, SAE 15W40200.39
Cocoa paste204.0Oil, motor, SAE 5200.03
Cream, 30-50% fat rate200.115 - 0.02Oil, motor, SAE 50200.75
Di-propylene glycol200.107Oil, olive400.04
Ethylene glycol250.0161Oil, palm400.045
Ethylene glycol1000.00198Oil, peanut400.004
Fruit juice200.05Oil, soybean, processed200.6 - 0.8
Fruit juice, concentrated202.5Oil, soybean200.06
Gelatine451.2Oil, transformer200.03
Glass, melting 100.0Oil, turbine200.2 - 1.1
Glass, softening 10.0Oil, vitamin104.5
Glass, working 1,000.0Oleic acid200.04
Gloss oil207.1Paraffin emulsion203.0
Glucose254.3 - 6.8Peanut butter20150.0 - 250.0
Glycerine, 100%201.49Pectin400.3
Glycol200.04Polyester resin303.0
Gravy800.11Potassium hydroxide200.067
Hand cream208.0Printing color400.55 - 2.2
Honey203.0 - 50.0Pudding401.0
Jam208.5Salad dressing201.3 - 2.6
Ketchup302.0 - 50.0Shampoo203.0
Lard400.065Sodium hydroxide, 50%20150.0 - 250.0
Liqueur200.01 - 0.1Soft cheese6030.0
Liquid egg450.15Sour cream25100.0
Liquid soap600.085Sugar solution, 65° Bx200.12
Liquid wax900.5Sugar solution, 70° Bx200.4
Malt extract209.5Syrup, chocolate2010.0 - 25.0
Mayonnaise202.0Syrup, corn252.0 - 3.0
Milk200.002Syrup, maple202.0 - 3.0
Milk, concentrated, sweetened206.1Tar2030,000.0
Milk, concentrated400.08Tomato purée200.195
Molasses, 80° Bx2010.0Toothpaste4070.0
Molasses, 83° Bx2050.0Varnish, 25% pigments203.0
Molasses, 85° Bx20100.0Vegetable soup200.43
Oil, canola200.16Water200.00100
Oil, castor201.0 - 1.5Water400.00065

Oil, coconut

Oil, cod liver400.035Water varnish200.9
Oil, corn600.3Whey400.8 - 1.5
Oil, cotton200.06Yoghurt400.15
Oil, gear, SAE 140202.7   



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