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In order to create a fluid volume it is always necessary to attach an object to a grid emitter. You can use any object and tag it as a fluid source. The mode of operation and handling of a Hybrido emitter is similar to RealFlow’s “traditional” SPH emitters and it is also possible to use more than one emitter. An important thing to know is that the Hybrido emitter does not have any display options and the various settings for visualizing particles can be found under the grid domain’s "Display" panel; statistical information are located there as well.

Working with Multiple Emitters

RealFlow provides the ability to use more than one emitter per domain, and store the data individually. But, what is the purpose of this split workflow? The main aspect is to give you the ability of shading/rendering these particle sources separately. To do this, you have to activate each emitter's export resources under:

Export Central > Hybrido Emitters

There, simply check the emitter nodes you want to export and RealFlow will write the particle data to the according files. These files can then be read by the RealFlow RenderKit or the exchange plugins. If you activate the Alembic format you do not need any plugins.

Please bear the following things in mind when working with multiple emitters:

Please do not uncheck or deactivate the Hybrido domain's export resources under “Export Central”. The reason is that RealFlow does not recognize emitter files as cache files. In other words: if you deactivate the domain's export you will not be able to play back or mesh the domain's fluid anymore. Your simulation data is actually lost and you have to re-simulate the scene.

The individual emitter particle data cannot be loaded into RealFlow by default. The only method is to store this data as BIN files and reimport them with a “NBinary Loader”. 

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