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Outputs the main render image. You can choose between six options in the Render type combo:  

  • All: The usual complete render. Output the whole render including diffuse, reflections and refractions.
  • Diffuse: Output an image containing only the diffuse color of the surfaces.
  • Reflections: Output an image containing only the reflective component of the surfaces.
  • Refractions: Output an image containing only the refractive component of the surfaces.
  • Diffuse+Reflections: Output the whole render including both diffuse and reflection components together.
  • Reflections+Refractions: Output an image containing the reflection and refraction components together.

Separately rendering the diffuse and reflective components allows for greater flexibility when compositing.


Render type options 



From up to down and left to right: All together, Diffuse, Reflections, Refractions, Diffuse + Reflections and Reflections + Refractions.


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