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Studio includes an interactive preview mode, Maxwell FIRE (which stands for Fast Interactive Rendering), which gives you a completely interactive feedback of your scene, rendered quickly in draft mode.
As it works internally with Maxwell Render technology, it is physically correct, and provides an outstanding lighting and shading quality.

It is an invaluable tool to help you adjust the lighting and materials in your scene while seeing an interactive accurate preview of the final results. It includes camera effects such as depth of field, motion blur and SimuLens.

The Interactive Preview panel provides you quick feedback during your scene setup

You can launch it by clicking the Fire button on the Studio icons bar.

You can interactively adjust the materials, the environment conditions, and the intensity of lights or move the camera and adjust its settings.
You can also move objects and lights in your scene whenever you want, although it needs a quick voxelization time to update the scene configuration.

On the main bar of the Interactive Preview window you have the following tabs:

Options to control the quality of the Interactive render

Camera selector

This drop-down lists all the cameras that are available in your scene. Use it to select the camera you want to be rendered in the Interactive Preview. You can freely navigate in the Interactive Preview window with the Studio navigation shortcuts (Alt+LMB to orbit, Alt+MMB to pan and Alt+RMB to zoom) to explore your scene in detail. To revert to the original camera position, select your camera in the Camera selector drop-down.



• Set Camera View: If you find a view that you like, you can set it to be the cameras new position. Choose Set Camera View and your camera in Studio will move to your current preview view.

• Isolate Selection: When this option is enabled, only the selected object will be rendered in the Interactive Preview. It is very useful for getting faster feedback when adjusting one particular object. Disable this option to render the whole scene in the Interactive Preview.

• Save Image: You can save the preview render to disk in any supported image format using this option.

• Settings: This opens the Interactive Preview settings menu, which allows you to set the quality of the interactive render, by adjusting the target Render Time (for the interactive render) in seconds, the target Sampling Level, and the rendering quality in a 1 to 5 scale, which affects the preview images antialiasing level - lower quality gives you faster and rougher previews. The quality level does not affect the quality of the global illumination or any other lighting or rendering feature.


Floating Shadows and Floating Reflections 

Studio is able to display Floating Shadows and Floating Reflections of your objects on the ground, even without a geometry ground plane in the scene. You can get more information about this feature here



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