Flags in MXED

These are the available flag to control the Maxwell Material Editor (MXED).

Flags in MXED  



Launch MXED in browser mode.


Launch MXED in browser mode and close it after selecting a MXM file. The selected MXM file is printed in console. 


Close MXED after executing all the instructions given for the rest of the parameters.


Close MXED when the Wizard is closed if it has been launched.


Launch MXED in editor mode.


Force the preview after loading the material.


Hide the OS console. Windows only.


Load an MXM file with the given path.


Launch the MXM gallery search dialog and download the selected material in the given path.


Set the MXS file located in [path] as the active preview scene.


Create a new material and save it in the given [path].


Don’t open another instance of MXED but use the one already opened.


Launch the material wizard. 



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