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Version 2.7.20 - October 10th, 2013


  • the BIN mesh loader subtracts the frame offset from the current time instead of adding it, to make it consistent with the RFRK mesher and particle loader
  • added relative coordinates to region rendering controls
  • added support for the camera shake attribute
  • added a flag which controls motion export at the transform level
  • the tiling factors are inverted when importing a texture with real scale enabled


  • FIRE crashed in some cases when the scene could not be exported
  • wrong viewport display for some maxwell objects when maya is set to Z up
  • no mesh preview in Viewport 2.0 for some Maxwell objects
  • the render camera wasn't exported in some cases

Version 2.7.18 - June 3rd, 2013


  • added a setting to control if FIRE takes isolation mode into account
  • upgraded Shave SDK to version 7
  • the plug-in displays an error when exporting a material or rendering if a layered material has displacement, but no layers
  • the plug-in detects when multiple projected textures with identical parameters are assigned to the same material and creates a single UV set
  • increased maximum number of projection channels per material to 16


  • changes to the isolation list didn't always reflect in FIRE
  • crash when trying to read preview images for materials with very long names
  • particle instancers didn't render
  • FIRE could not be started if an object was parented to the active camera

Version 2.7.15 - April 25th, 2013


  • added support for Maya 2014
  • added a Match Render Resolution command in the Viewport menu of the FIRE window
  • merged the start and stop FIRE menu commands into a single toggle item
  • materials for PaintFX can be specified at the brush level. If a material is also specified on the stroke, the stroke material takes precedence.
  • added a menu command in the FIRE window to send the image to the render view
  • added focus to and start/stop buttons in the FIRE window
  • added exposure controls at the top of the FIRE window
  • the object ID color is taken from the deepest level of the hierarchy where it is set, so that shapes can override the colors set in the transforms
  • added an image preview window
  • when importing MXS files, objects and triangles without materials use the default Maya material
  • added sl, width, height, shutter, iso and fstop keywords to the render view overlay text
  • hair vertex colors are converted to linear space
  • improved export times in scenes with deeply nested hierarchies


  • numeric render options were not working in the render view overlay text
  • objects with a single material which was assigned to each face, instead of at object level, were imported without a material from MXS
  • the material ID color wasn't imported from MXM files
  • the IES point cloud was not oriented correctly when Maya was set in Z up mode
  • incorrect UV coordinates when a material with projected textures is assigned per face
  • adding a new layer to a material re-enabled all the disabled layers
  • full reexport in FIRE when a single object is changed
  • Maya instances were exported multiple times
  • the color correction attributes were not imported from MXM files in Maya 2012 and up

Version 2.7.12 - March 11th, 2013

  • improved export times when there are many hidden objects
  • added the option to disable camera movement export for motion blur
  • FIRE supports isolation mode
  • added settings for drawing MXS references and Maxwell instances as meshes instead of point clouds
  • added a "solo" setting for material layers
  • added a Maxwell category in the create new material dialog
  • the HUD (resolution gate, film gate etc.) can be turned off in the FIRE window
  • fixed: pack'n'go didn't work when used from the File/Export menu
  • fixed: crash in Maya 2013.5 when emitters were used
  • fixed: when multiple Maxwell objects were selected, only the first one was highlighted in the viewport
  • fixed: wrong framing in FIRE when the aspect ratio of the FIRE window didn't match the render aspect ratio
  • fixed: wrong framing in some cases when vertical film offset was used
  • fixed: Python API: SetAttribute() for material components didn't work if the attribute was a color

Version 2.7.11 - December 17th, 2012

  • added support for Maya 2013.5
  • added the -l flag for command line rendering which selects the active render layer
  • pack'n'go can export the scene to MXS
  • added the ability to control the viewport display color for all the Maxwell objects (MXS reference, instancer, RFRK objects etc.)
  • fixed: the viewport did not update after removing a sequence from a RFRK mesher
  • fixed: pack'n'go no longer overwrites the current scene if "Save Maya Scene" is enabled
  • fixed: the OSX installer did not contain the MXI image format plug-in
  • fixed: the OSX installer copied all files, for all Maya versions, regardless of which versions are actually installed
  • fixed: the Maya 2013 build did not work on some Linux distributions

Version 2.7.8 - October 16th, 2012

  • the Maxwell-specific attributes are always present in Maya 2012 and above, so they can be manipulated directly with setAttr and they show up in the spreadsheet editor
  • the UI controls for the Maxwell-specific attributes behave just like the controls for the built-in attributes in Maya 2013 and above, so there's no need to use the Extra Attributes rollup anymore
  • render flags can be set on transform nodes, overriding the settings for all the children of the transform
  • FBX import and export supports Maxwell materials
  • geometry and materials can be imported from MXS files
  • fixed: the hide to secondary rays, GI and z-clip flags were not working on MXS references
  • fixed: a Maxwell viewport was created every time the settings window was closed

Version 2.7.6 - July 4th, 2012

  • no new features in this version.
  • fixed: the extensions (grass, hair etc.) were broken in the previous plug-in build (2.7.5)

Version 2.7.5 - June 28th, 2012

  • added support for image sequences in the image-based environment
  • the Maxwell root directory can be specified through the MAXWELL2_ROOT environment variable and maxwell2Root option var on all platforms
  • fixed: the library and gallery browsers didn't work
  • fixed: revoxelization in FIRE after any kind of scene change
  • fixed: wrong maximum value for grass bend angle
  • fixed: wrong face-shader mappings for subdivided meshes under certain circumstances
  • fixed: the "focus to" shelf button didn't work if the object was part of a group
  • fixed: FIRE didn't refresh when a camera parameter was changed through an expression

Version 2.7.4 - June 18th, 2012

  • Maya 2013 is supported
  • added Maxwell grass
  • updated the command line render flags for pre- and post- MEL scripts to match the built-in renderer
  • projecting UVs works when no placement object is present
  • added support for cubic and spherical texture projections
  • increased maximum f/stop value to match Studio
  • added anamorphic bokeh settings in the Maxwell camera attributes panel
  • added render flags for the MXS reference objects
  • bump maps are exported as disabled when bump mapping is off, instead of being completely ignored
  • PaintFX hair can generate root UVs
  • added a new entry in the list of displacement types: "3D RealFlow"
  • particle mass, age, color and UV are exported to the MaxwellParticles extension when present
  • PXY files can be used with the MaxwellParticles extension
  • added back the region rendering controls on the camera attribute editor; the Maya region settings take precedence when using region rendering
  • the rendered region is applied on top of the existing Render View image
  • smoothed meshes with per-face material assignments are supported
  • fixed: FIRE was not refreshed when moving a MXS reference object

Version 2.6.27 - April 2nd, 2012

  • added "off" to the display mode list of the BIN mesh loader, which prevents the BIN files from being accessed for viewport preview
  • setting the LOD to 0 in the particle objects and MXS reference prevents the plug-in from reading anything from disk
  • added shelf buttons for creating and assigning Maxwell materials
  • added help and about buttons on the shelf
  • added an API which can be used to customize the export process
  • the transparency of the native materials is used as layer weight instead of transmittance color in the Maxwell approximation
  • the IOR parameter of Blinn and Phong shaders is taken into account by the translator
  • fixed: crash when trying to run Maya with non-accelerated OpenGL drivers (e.g. under Remote Desktop in Windows, or with Mesa on Linux
  • fixed: errors on Mac OS and Linux when the RealFlow plug-in was also loaded
  • fixed: some AE controls did not work correctly on Mac when a material had multiple layersadded Maxwell render flags for hair nodes, particle systems and instancers

Version 2.6.23 - January 30th, 2012

  • added a motion blur factor control for particle systems
  • added Maxwell render flags for hair nodes, particle systems and instancers
  • the format and depth of the extra render channels are forced to the same values as the color channel when embedding is on
  • added an attenuation unit control for the BSDF
  • added support for multi-step camera motion blur
  • the referenced material supports viewport 2.0
  • added support for silent installs on Windows (pass /S on the installer command line)
  • the FIRE scene state can be frozen using the Viewport menu in the popup panel
  • added the -restartFire and -freezeFireState flags to the maxwell command which apply to all running FIRE instances
  • Maxwell is started with -node when running a batch render, so that it uses a node license, not a GUI license
  • the search paths configured in the plug-in preferences are saved in the exported MXS files
  • integrated region rendering with Maya's render view and removed the Maxwell-specific region attributes from the camera
  • removed the "Default to High Quality" plug-in preference
  • added a render option which disables the export of built-in Maya lights
  • fixed: slow export for particle instancers
  • fixed: native light intensities were not read back correctly from ML if the intensity multiplier was left at its default value
  • fixed: possible crash when loading the plug-in
  • fixed: the Maxwell material didn't respect the viewport backface culling setting (culling was always on)
  • fixed: render layer overrides could not be applied on material checkboxes
  • fixed: wrong state for the save image, start and stop menu items in the FIRE panel
  • fixed: global displacement scale shouldn't be applied to relative displacement heights
  • fixed: the global displacement scale wasn't applied to 3D displacement height
  • fixed: the "merge materials" window didn't have a title
  • fixed: a "0" was displayed in the override temp directory control when the value was not set
  • fixed: bad text alignment in the preferences window
  • fixed: if a Maya or Shave hair object fails to produce lines, the export is no longer canceled
  • fixed: texture UV channel indexes were not imported from MXM files
  • fixed: exporting with "Will use sequence rendering" enabled resulted in an error about invalid file extension
  • fixed: the meaning of the "embed in MXS" flag on the referenced material was reversed
This build is incompatible with Maxwell 2.6.0, and the previous builds are incompatible with the newly released Maxwell 2.6.10. Due to some changes in the extensions (hair, particles etc.) mixing incompatible plug-in and Maxwell versions will cause Maya to crash on startup. Please make sure you upgrade both the plug-in and Maxwell to the latest version.


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