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Maxwell Suite 2.7 includes some extensions, which are specific external pieces of code which allow extend the capabilities of Maxwell.

The extensions are .MXX files (stands for Maxwell Extensions) and are located in the Maxwell 2>extensions folder. 

The current available extensions and the features they provide are: 


Extension nameWhat it doesMore info...

Takes fibers generated from a hair/fur system and converts them to analytic cone shapes at render time. It can be also used by the Grass system.

Hair and Fur

The grass generator. Generates and distributes random grass guides regarding certain parameters controlled by the user.

MGrassP.mxxGrass flat primitive. Replaces the guides created by the grass generator with straight multi-segment procedural ribbons.Grass
MGrassH.mxxGrass curve primitive. Replaces the guides created by the grass generator with smooth curved procedural ribbons. Grass
MaxwellParticles.mxxRender particles as spheres from RealFlow or other particle systems in 3D applications which allow this through their SDK
Maxwell Particles
MaxwellMesher.mxxRender particles from RealFlow, meshing the particles at render time. Ment for rendering fluids and provides sophisticated controls over the resulting fluid mesh
Maxwell Mesher
MaxwellCloner.mxxAllows Maxwell to distribute instances of an object using a particle cloud from RealFlow
Maxwell Cloner
RFMeshes.mxxRender fluid meshes from RealFlow that have already been meshed in RealFlow
RF Meshes
RWMeshes.mxxAllows Maxwell to render RealWave water simulation meshes already created in RealFlow
RW Meshes



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