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ArchiCAD is an architectural BIM CAD software which offers specialized solutions for handling all common aspects of aesthetics and engineering during the whole design process of the built environment — buildings, interiors, urban areas, etc.


Maxwell plugin for ArchiCAD has been created with the intention of providing native integration of Maxwell Render within the ArchiCAD environment. It works under Windows 32/64bits and Mac OS X platforms. For detailed compatibility information please check the Plug-ins compatibility list.

With the ArchiCAD plugin you can easily export your ArchiCAD virtual buildings to the Maxwell Render engine, with just a few clicks you can create high quality architectural images. The plugin automatically converts most of your ArchiCAD settings to the Maxwell scene format, and provides more advanced controls for the experienced users.

Key features

  • Complex scene export from ArchiCAD to Maxwell
  • Maxwell Render panel to adjust Maxwell specific parameters
  • Maxwell Physical Sky, IBL environment, sun and all the other Maxwell Sky parameters inside ArchiCAD
  • Automatic and semi-automatic material conversion
  • Maxwell MXM materials inside ArchiCAD (as referenced materials)
  • Maxwell material preview inside the Material Settings dialog
  • Maxwell Grass
  • Maxwell FIRE (Maxwell Interactive Renderer within ArchiCAD)
  • Supports referencing external MXS files containing geometry and materials
  • Automatic animation export from ArchiCAD (Sun Study... and Fly -Through...)



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