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Light Mixer

The Light Mixer allows you to interactively balance and fine-tune the contribution of all sources of illumination within your scene. Use in conjunction with Maxwell Fire.


The range of each slider can be increased or decreased by a power of 10 by clicking on the plus and minus icons. The range can also be increased by typing in a new value into the number box which exceeds the current maximum. The current maximum limit of the slider is shown in the number box on the far right.


The first group of sliders represent the camera exposure parameters, provided here as a convenience.


The first group of sliders represent the formZ lights. Physical Sky and Sky Dome are each broken out into two intensity sliders: one for the sun and the other for the sky. IBL channels for illumination, background, reflection and refraction are broken out separately. All other supported types are represented by a single intensity slider.


formZ light groups are also supported. To adjust all lights in a group simultaneously:

  1. In the Lights palette, double-click on the light group and enable Intensity overrides. (it does not matter whether Replace or Scale By is selected; this setting is not used by the plugin.)
  2. Make sure all the lights in the group all use the same illumination specification, for example, all Lux or all Lumens. If the lights do not all have the same spec, the lights within the group will be treated individually.

Support for light group overrides may be enabled/disabled in Project Settings.

Light Groups in Multilight


Lights Groups set up in this manner will be represented in Multilight as a single slider, as well.



formZ materials set to Translate Shaded Emitter material hint will appear in the third group of sliders. Reference MXM emitters are not supported at this time.


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