These are the available running flags and their description.

Running flags



[manual | auto]

Setting -affinity:manual makes Maxwell not to change the affinity but will respect any configuration you have manually set.

Note: Please take into account that this feature is for Windows only and for machines with less than 64 cores. With higher number of cores, Windows has a completely different policy to adjust thread affinities.


Set the current directory of the OS. This could be useful for using relative paths for textures and other dependencies.


Open a window that displays the render in progress. This option is also used when distributing render tasks (display is on by default).


[yes | no | on | off]

Specify whether the render Extra Sampling is enabled
-extrasamplingsl:slSpecify the target Sampling Level for the Extra Sampling area


[0 | 1 | 2]

Specify the extra-sampling mask.

0: custom alpha, 1: alpha, 2: bitmap

-extrasamplingcustomalpha:nameSpecify what custom alpha will be used for the Extra Sampling mask
-extrasamplinguserbitmap:path              Specify the path of the bitmap used as a mask for Extra Sampling mask


[yes | no | on | off]

Specify whether extra-sampling alpha mask must be inverted


Help (print syntax).


No display and No console view (process completely hidden).


Console view on. Display off.


Launch Maxwell Render in no GUI node mode and using a node license. 


Close the rendering application after the render finishes and returns control to the console.

[low | normal | high]

Set the priority of the Maxwell process. Priority can be “low”, “normal” or “high”.


Verbosity level

0: no information given, 1: errors, 2: warnings, 3: info, 4: all, debug: debug level



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