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Stay in the comfortable environment of your favorite 3D / CAD application and use the corresponding Maxwell Render plug-in to connect to Maxwell Render and take advantage of the software’s capabilities. The advanced level of integration makes it unnecessary to get in- depth Maxwell Render training, saving you time and money. We have created a range of plug-ins to connect Maxwell Render to the most popular 3D / CAD and post-production applications in the industry.


To download any of the plugins:

  • If you are a Maxwell Render customer - from the download area found in the Customer Portal


Maxwell Render plug-in is available

Maxwell Render plug-in not available

Not Applicable - 3D application for this OS does not exist


Please note, we have dropped support for 32-bit platforms. Maxwell will only run on 64-bit.

PlatformVersionWindowsMac OSXLinux
3ds Max
(with Maxwell FIRE)
2011 - 2019


(with Maxwell FIRE)
AC19 - AC22

AC16 - AC18 

Cinema 4D

(with Maxwell FIRE)
R14 - R20


(with Maxwell FIRE)


8 Pro
8 Jr
8 Free


(with Maxwell FIRE)
2012 - 2018


(with Maxwell FIRE)
701 - 11.x

Compatible only up to
Maxwell Render

Compatible only up to
Maxwell Render


(with Maxwell FIRE)
2014 - 2019


(with Maxwell FIRE)

Rhinoceros for Mac

5.2.3 or newer


(with Maxwell FIRE)
2015 - 2018


(with Maxwell FIRE)
2013 - 2018

Compatible only up to
Maxwell Render




PlatformVersionWin32Win64Mac OSXLinux
Nuke6.3 - 10.x
Photoshop CS 3 - CS 6
CC 2014
CC 2015
After Effects CS 3
CS 4
CS 5
CS 6


CC 2014
CC 2015


These post-production plug-ins allow users to interactively adjust settings like light intensity and color of emitters in post-processing, without having to re-render, resulting in fast and effective workflow.  An interesting feature in Maxwell Render is the constant refinement approach of the render, which allows the post-production process to start while the render process is still going on, working in parallel and saving an extraordinary amount of time.

Use your Maxwell Render license across all plug-ins – as with the 3D/CAD plug-ins, Maxwell Render licenses can be used over the entire range of post-processing plug-ins. Simply download the required post-processing plug-in and use the same license.

Third party plug-ins

Also plug-ins for a number of 3D and CAD applications are available from third party developers and companies. Note that these plug-ins are not developed or directly supported by Next Limit. For specific questions or to access any of these plug-ins, the relevant third party developer should be contacted directly. You can click on them below to go directly to those 3rd parties.

Downloading and/or updating the plug-in

Depending on the specific host application, some plug-ins provide the user with automatic updates. If you need to manually update your plug-in or if you are a new user and need to download it, you can do so through our Customer Gateway.

Installing the plug-in

After installing Maxwell Render, you still need to download and install your plug-in separately. The plug-in is not included with the main Maxwell Render installation. The installation procedure depends on your OS and host application. Please follow the detailed installation instructions on each plug-ins page.

Exploring the plug-in

Open your 3D/ CAD application and make sure that the Maxwell Render plug-in is successfully installed. You will find tools to control the Maxwell rendering process in your Render Panel, Camera Settings Window, Material Editor, and so on. The location and position of the Maxwell tools depend on the structure of each individual host applications user interface.


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