Output macros

The following "macros" can be inserted in the image and MXI output fields to create filenames based on different variables. They can be useful to make sure you don't override a previous render, or to keep track of which camera was used to render for example.


Myrender_%scenename%_%camera%.png may produce:



The currently supported macros are: 


Macro shortcutWhat it replaces with
%benchmark%current benchmark value
%burn%current Burn value from Tone mapping options
%camera%name of the active camera
%cameraresponse%model of sensor regarding the colors response
%colorspace%color space used for the render
%whitepoint%value in Kelvin degrees for the white point in the image
%currentsl%current SL (therefore this value changes with each SL update)
%date%current date in MM.dd.yyyy format. Can also be used: %yy% (year) , %mm% (month) and %dd% (day)
%finalsl%SL limit set in the scene
%gamma%current Gamma value from Tone mapping options
%iso%ISO value from Camera options
%resolution%resolution of the active camera. Can also be used: %width% and %height%
%scenename%the name of the MXS file that's currently rendering
%scenepath%full path of the MXS file

on the exported channels, specify the name of the channel in particular. Without this macro, the name of the channel is always appended at the end of the file name. This macro allows to place the channel name in any custom position on the file name string

%sharpness%sharpness value from Tonemapping options
%shutter%shutter speed from Camera options
%temp%full path of the temp folder of the OS
%time%current time in HH.mm format. Can also be used: %hh% (hour) , %min% (minute) and %sec% (sec)
%timepassed%time passed since render started
%version%current engine version




number of objects, meshes and polygons in the scene



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