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This panel provides a quick access to the objects and scenes included with Studio installation. It also allows creating your custom libraries in different tabs, so you can easily drag and drop your assets to the scene.

The included light setups, illumination assets and primitives can be a great time saver for quickly setting up the scene illumination.


Standard libraries tab with all sections unfolded.


The "Standard libraries" tab shows all the .mxs files included in "library" folder in Maxwell Render 4 main installation path and each section represents one subfolder.

You can also create your custom tabs that point to a folder of your choice. It will display all the .mxs files included in that folder. This way you can easily create a custom catalogue of your personal assets.



If you drag any object to the scene, all the content will be added to it and the object selected. You can right-click on any file and you will get the option to open that file instead of adding it to the current scene.






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