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Release date: Fri, 09 Feb 2018

Maxwell Render

  • Feature: New triangle ID channel.

  • Feature: UV render channel is now multiple, with a maximum of 16 UV channels.

  • Feature: You can cycle the images on channels that are multiple (custom alpha and UV) with arrows at the sides of its selector.

  • Feature: Display channel name below channel selector.

  • Feature: New override flag on references to select Object ID behaviour from 3 modes.

  • Change: Instances of hidden objects / references are shown now.

  • Change: Type, units and default values for some Stereo and Fish lenses parameters.

  • Fixed: Paths or dependencies with special characters cause Maxwell to fail the render.

  • Fixed: Lens extension: Stereo and fish rendered always as center.

  • Fixed: Reflectance channel may be wrong on textured instances.

  • Fixed: Flip x and Flip y projection is not correct on Lat-Long and fish lenses.

  • Fixed: Neck on Lat-Long lenses.

  • Fixed: Fast multilight with simulens crashes on any change.

  • Fixed: An instance pointing to a hidden object crashes on production.

  • Fixed: Hiding all instances, makes the original object to hide too.

  • Fixed: Custom alpha channel ignores instances of mxs references.

  • Fixed: Resuming deep alpha channel crashes on some scenes.

  • Fixed: Grass extension: Instances of objects with grass inside a group have wrong grass transform.

  • Fixed: Grass extension: Instances of references of objects with grass have no grass.

  • Fixed: Render via Network button in OSX

  • Fixed: Referenced emitter materials crash Maxwell.

Maxwell GPU

  • Feature: New triangle ID channel.

  • Feature: UV channel is now multiple, with a maximum of 4 UV channels.

  • Fixed: If you have non-continuous UVs channels on an object (i.e. 0, 2, 5), crashed at render.

  • Fixed: Emitter map was sampled always on channel 0.

  • Fixed: Alpha channel was a few pixels wider than it should.

  • Fixed: Texture properties (brightness, contrast, saturation) are not applied correctly.

  • Fixed: wrong UV's index assignment to instances.


Maxwell Studio

  • Fixed: If you have non-continuous UVs channels on an object (i.e. 0, 2, 5), index was changed at saving (0, 1, 2) and it crashed at render.

  • Fixed: Quick double-click on fire button may make studio crash.

  • Fixed: Key shortcuts shouldn't work on blocked cameras.

  • Fixed: Issues on hide / unhide multiple selected objects with groups.

  • Fixed: Xref objects don’t hide using isolate selected option on fire.

  • Fixed: Deleting an emitter component on material with Fire running crashes Studio.

  • Fixed: Newly created instances may disappear on the viewport.

  • Fixed: Material Id is randomized on a material clone.

  • Fixed: If a reference visibility override flag is marked on a scene, when loading all flags are marked on UI.

  • Improvement: Int and double fields don’t accept letters and "Esc" key cancels edition.

  • Improvement: Randomize Id option on materials and objects.

  • Fixed: Render via Network button in OSX

  • Fixed: Faculty licenses show as unregistered when using render in viewport.

  • Improvement: Return error when the user tries to save a scene with an object with two or more UV channels with the same ID.

  • Fixed: pesky bug related to wrong dealing with UV projectors’ ChannelID's.


Material Editor

  • Fixed: If gallery path doesn’t end with a slash, it creates a folder for each material.

  • Fixed: Texture picker with floating preview has no size after app restart.

  • Fixed: Unload texture don’t clean procedural textures.

  • Fixed: It asks for missing textures twice.

Mx Network

  • Fixed: Connection failed if Monitor was launched before Manager on a IPv6 network.

  • Fixed: Batch renders are sent with Denoiser always activated.

  • Fixed: Error shown if the node-locked license was not named “maxwell_license.lic”

PyMaxwell Editor

  • Fixed: PyMaxwell module renamed from “pymaxwell” to “pymaxwell4”.


Maxwell SDK

  • Removed exclusive functions to access custom alpha channels: getAlphaCustomBuffers, getAlphaCustomBuffer, getNumberOfAlphaCustomBuffers.

  • Removed exclusive functions to access shadow channels: getShadowBuffers, getShadowBuffer, getShadowBuffer, getNumberOfShadowBuffers

  • New methods to access all channels like they are multiple: getNumSubChannels, getExtraBuffer (with subChannel index) and getExtraBuffers.

  • New methods to Know UV array idx from Id and viceversa: getUVIdxFromId, getUVIdFromIdx.

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