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Release date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017

Maxwell Render


  • Fixed: Crash triggered when light names are longer than 31 characters.


  • Fixed: Animations ran by command-line overwrites the first frame over and over.
  • Fixed: General problems rendering animations + Denoiser.
  • Fixed: Demo license does not allow to use the Denoiser properly.

Grass Extension

  • Change: default blade type to flat


Xritebrdf Extension

  • Fixed: Invalid temporal path for textures.


MaxwellVolumetric Extension

  • Fixed: VDB internal transform ignored.



  • Fixed: Crash in Linux/OSX when no $HOME is defined in the system.


Maxwell Network

  • Fixed: Connection failed if Node or Monitor was launched before manager on a IPv6 network.
  • Fixed: V4 preferences were stored in v3 config file. 
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