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Release date: Thu, 8 Jun 2017

Maxwell GPU

  • Improvement: The GPU engine can tile the render to use less memory footprint. Now if a scene cannot be rendered because id does not fit the GPU memory the GPU engine automatically tiles the render (partition into smaller regions called tiles) to use less memory and try to do the render.

  • Fixed: Layer opacity with 2 layers and no maps.

  • Fixed: Usage of thread mapping feature in the GPU engine was not properly done. It could potentially make some artifacts appear in long-time renders of scenes (high sampling levels).

  • Fixed: Lighting could be wrong in some scenes with just IBL or IBL+Emitters in the GPU engine.

Maxwell Render

  • New: added Denoiser feature in Render Options Panel

  • New: added new MERL TableBrdf material.
  • New: added new X-Rite AxF material that gives compatibility to their files.
  • Changed: modified render progress and render info toolbars to adapt to new denoiser render routine
  • Fixed: Maxwell may crash if camera response is changed while rendering.

  • Fixed: reflectance and uv channels could be wrong if shadow channel was enabled

  • Feature: negative threads can be selected. This has the meaning of the number of logical processors on the machine minus selected number of threads.

Maxwell Network

  • New: added Denoiser capabilities to the network system.

  • New: added Denoiser checkbox in Monitor.

  • Fixed: Maxwell node in nogui mode crash on Windows.

  • Fixed: Maxwell Monitor now detects when there's another instance of it open and instead of opening a new one, opens Add Job Wizard in the existing one.
  • Feature: Engine can be selected on the wizard.

Maxwell Studio

  • New: added Denoiser feature in Render Options > Scene tab.

  • New: added new Lights Panel
  • New: added new illumination assets in Library Panel.
  • Changed: now Studio installs in the same folder as Maxwell Render in an effort to limit Maxwell installations to one and not duplicate them per product as before.


Known issue: 

If you get an error telling that there's a file missing called vcomp140.dll, please download and install this Microsoft's package, it will solve the problem: https://www.microsoft.com/es-es/download/details.aspx?id=52685


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