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Release date: Fri, 25 Nov 2016


  • Render booleans implemented
  • Fixed general stability issues
  • Fixed specular materials were too noisy in some scenarios
  • Fixed wrong look of materials with more than 2 BSDFs in some scenarios
  • Fixed wrong look of materials with textured opacity layers
  • Fixed bug in materials with transmittance that could make them to look wrong
  • Fixed issues with object opacity
  • Fixed anisotropy and angle when using maps
  • Fixed some issues with ghost materials
  • Fixed some issues with clipmaps
  • Fixed some general shading artifacts
  • Error handling improved
  • Fixed texture interpolation was not working properly in some cases
  • Fixed potential crash reading old MXI files with embeded channels
  • Support for unicode (non ascii) characters improved
  • Fixed potential crash rendering scenes with disabled BSDFs
  • Fixed roughness channel
  • Fixed issues rendering instances of hidden objects


  • Color multilight uses less memory now
  • Fixed IES emitters were too dark when multilight was enabled
  • Fixed maxwell.exe was unable to start GUI without NVIDIA driver installed in windows
  • Token %multilight% added to output filename tokens available


  • Fixed issues with transference of MXIs from nodes to manager
  • Fixed issue sending preview images


  • Fixed GUI issues
  • Fixed scaling in all axis
  • Fixed issue downloading zipped materials from the gallery
  • Now it is possible to create persistent MXS files when launching Maxwell from Studio
  • Interactive engine preference added
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