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MXM Gallery FAQ

1. I can't connect to the MXM Gallery from Studio or my plug-in

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You need to enter your username and password you normally use when connecting to the MXM Gallery via your web brower, in the preferences of Maxwell Studio and - if you are using a plug-in - also in MXED. Note that the username/password is not the same as for the Customer Portal. Please check first that you can login to the MXM gallery via your web browser: MXM Gallery. The login is in the upper right corner of the web page.

To enter your login information in Maxwell Studio and MXED:

  • open Maxwell Studio and MXED (found in the Maxwell install folder, or click the MXED icon on your desktop)

  • Go to File>Preferences>Materials>MXM Gallery and enter your Username and Password

 2. Downloaded MXM material gives 'Missing Textures' error

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This happens because the user who uploaded the MXM to the material gallery placed the textures in a folder relevant only to their machine, so on your machine MXED won't be able to find the textures. To fix this:

  • Go to the folder where you downloaded the MXM and double-click it to open it in MXED.
  • MXED pops up a dialog asking you to locate the textures used in the material
  • Navigate to the folder where the textures are located and choose the missing texture. If other textures used in a material are located in the same folder, MXED will continue searching in that folder for the other missing textures.
  • After you have made sure all the textures are found (go through each BSDF in each Layer of the material to make sure), click the Save & Close button (the little CD icon) in MXED to save the MXM with the new texture paths. 
  • Verify that all the textures are found for the MXM by double-clicking the MXM to open it in MXED again. No missing textures dialog should appear.


MXED/Maxwell Render/Maxwell Studio will look in the following paths to find the textures of a material:

  • in the same folder where the MXM is located

  • in a 'textures' subfolder where the MXM is located

  • in the project folder (ie where the MXS file is located)

  • in the texture paths specified in Maxwell Render/ Maxwell Studio preferences. To set these paths, go to:
    • File>Preferences>Paths (Maxwell Render)
    • File>Preferences>Materials>Textures (Maxwell Studio)



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