Cinema 4D tutorials

Current plug-in compatibility

Full table for current Plug-ins compatibility

Tutorials list

  • A comprehensive 12 part tutorial series made by Hrvoje Srdelic, available in our Cinema 4D tutorials album on Vimeo.
  • A short introductory tutorial (see below) with Sample scene available for download

Introductory tutorial

Sample Scene

Please download this scene to be able to follow the Cinema4D tutorial videos: QuickStart (Cinema 4D).zip

Installing and Getting Started

This video will help you with the installation of the Maxwell Render plug-in for Cinema4D and with your first steps in Maxwell Render. 

Environment and Lightning

In this video we will explore the environment and lighting possibilities in Maxwell Render. 


This video offers a brief explanation of the Maxwell Materials and how to manage them. 




For more details about using Maxwell Render with Cinema 4D, please see the Cinema 4D page in the Documentation section.


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