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Official RealFlow Labs YouTube Channel

Our developers have created a series of introduction videos for RealFlow Graphs. Although the videos have been recorded in RealFlow 2013 the concepts are still valid in new versions.

The links below will lead you to our YouTube channel, where the videos are hosted:

waterline magazine

Another resource is waterline magazine - Fields and Graphs with many examples and in-depth introductions. The publication is free and can be downloaded from

From the magazine's content:

  • What Are Fields?
  • Distance Fields
  • Vector and Real Fields
  • Iso-Lines and Iso-Surfaces
  • RealFlow Graphs
  • Getting, Storing, Loading Fields
  • OpenVDB Format
  • Gradients, Divergence, Curvature
  • Custom Fields
  • Field Transformations
  • k Volume Graph
  • Velocity to Force
  • Distance-Based Melting
  • Age-Based Viscosity
  • Object Stickiness
  • Foam Emission
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