New Features


  • Sub-frame interpolation, to sample properly creation of particles and daemon forces between frames.
  • Mesher can be clipped using Cinema R20 fields.
  • Mesher Auto Build mode x2 faster.
  • New daemon that allows for the creation of the fluid effect typically seen at Hi-speed macro photography.
  • Force scale for daemons.
  • New curvature-cohesion model added to surface tension daemon


  • Quads can be used, instead of triangles, for meshing.
  • Translation/Rotation/Scale transformations for fluids.
  • Thinking Particles and geometry instances can be scaled using particles speed, age and vorticity.


  • Stitcher for Alembic files.
  • New Node "Spline Control Circle" to increase flexibility to define forces in "Spline Daemon" and particle emission in "Spline Emitter".
  • New menu buttons for quick access to "Cache Simulation", "Cache Meshes" and toggle "Use cache" on/off.
  • Possibility to enable/disable disk write per node in the Cache parameters tab.
  • New "Cache filename" parameter for domain and mesh nodes, to specify the filename prefix that will be used as output.
  • When a caching process is about to be launched, check node names in the scene to warn the user about possible name conflicts.


  • Improved stability and bug fixes.
  • License file can be installed with License Dialog.



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