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The way of creating Thinking Particles has changed since RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.5:

  • Open Simulate > Thinking Particles > Thinking Particles Settings...
  • Right click on the "All" branch and choose "Add" to create a new group.
  • We recommend changing the default name ("Group.1") to something more meaningful like the fluid container's name.



The new group has to be linked to the according fluid container:

  • Drag the group to the fluid container's Particles > Thinking Particles field.
  • The group can also be connected to MoGraph nodes, a "Particle Geometry" object, etc.



  • RealFlow | Cinema 4D is able to mesh Thinking Particles. Simply drag a "Fluid" group to Mesher > Mesh > TP Group.
  • The Thinking Particles from RealFlow | Cinema 4D can also be used in 3rd party tools if they provide an appropriate interface.
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