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The "Visualizer" is a viewport preview tool for force fields and helps you to adjust force-based daemons. The forces of one or more daemons will be displayed inside a bounded box and give you spatial representation of areas with weaker or stronger forces, and how they are distributed space, or evolve over time.



RealFlow Scene

In RealFlow | Cinema 4D it is possible to use multiple "Scene" trees in the same project. To link a daemon to a different scene tree drag the appropriate "Scene" node to this field.


Here you drag and drop the force-based daemon(s) you want to visualize. Only the following daemons can be used: → "Attractor", → "DSpline", → "Gravity", → "Noise Field", → "Vortex", and → "Wind". These daemons can be combined freely in this field.


Decide, whether you want to display the daemon's "Force" or "Velocity" attribute. The appropriate channel/mode has to be set in the daemon's → "Affect" option as well.


Choose, how many arrows, lines, or dots you want to see. High settings may affect Cinema 4D's viewport responsiveness.


There are two modes:

  • "Volume" you will see a 3D cube, filled with arrows, lines, or dots.
  • "Slice" will show a horizontal plane – this mode is very fast, esp. if you want to display animated forces with high "Resolution" settings.

Here you can change between "Arrows", "Lines", or "Dots" to visualize the force field.


This feature uses an internal tracing method to visualize the force fields as curves. Streamlets often give you a better idea of how the forces behave and evolve in 3D space.

Constant Length

When active, all lines and arrows will have the same length. When disabled, the streaks' length depends on the daemon's strength.

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