Floating : OS X

Floating licenses are not available as standard and need to be requested from the support team.


Floating licenses have to be installed manually and require a license manager ("RLM"):

  • Check if there is a RLM server running on your machine. Open a browser and enter the IP of the computer where the RLM will be installed, followed by ":5054", for example
  • If not, install the → RLM before you start with the licensing process.
  • If there is a RLM running read the → "Floating : RLM" chapter for more information.

The installation of floating licenses requires two steps: 

Installing the License

The license file will be sent to you in a separate email. Copy the license file to /Users/<username>/Documents/realflow_cinema4d/license

Creating the Host Files

Let's assume the computer with RLM has the following IP address: (example only - use actual IP from your own computer!):

  • Create a plain text file and type HOST 5053
  • Save the file as host.lic
  • Copy host.lic to /Users/<username>/Documents/realflow_cinema4d/license of all computers you want to use - including the machine with the RLM.

Open the RLM web interface with (example only) and

  • click on "Reread/Restart Servers"
  • click on "Status" and look for "nextlimit" in the "ISV Servers" table
  • you will find all relevant license information under Server Status > nextlimit (see below).


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