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There is no significant boost in simulation speed with enabled GPU support. Why?

Dyverso is optimized for multi-core and many-core CPUs, but some GPU cards do not have enough computational power to outperform an 8 core or 12 core processor.

We are always studying new techniques to harness the power of → GPUs and we expect future versions to exploit GPU hardware better.

The mesh is not created where the particles are. Why is there is an offset between mesh and particles?

There are some cases where you will see an offset between mesh and particles:

  • The "Scene" tree object has been shifted with the the parented "Mesher" node after the particle simulation. To fix this, detach the "Mesher" or reset the "Scene" object to its original position.
  • With some MoGraph objects ("Cloner", "Array", and "Matrix"), RealFlow | Cinema 4D evaluates transformations and applies them to the "Scene" and "Mesher" nodes. This may result in an offset.
I have applied an object to the "Object" emitter, but there is no emission. What's wrong?

When the body's polygons are very small it might happen that you will not get any particle emission. To fix this, increase the "Fluid" container's → "Resolution" to create more particles. You may need very high settings (> 100 or more).

The particles from different fluid containers don't interact. What can I do?

This is a limitation of the current plugin and will be removed with the next major version "RealFlow | Cinema 4D 2.0".

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