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Which Cinema 4D packages can be used with RealFlow|Cinema 4D?

RealFlow | Cinema 4D works with Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, and Studio. 

  • For advanced modules like → Thinking Particles (TP), the Studio version is required.
  • If a feature is not present, the corresponding options will be greyed out in RealFlow | Cinema 4D.
What are the restrictions of the Demo Edition?

It shows a reminder window every time you save your scene. Besides that the demo version is a full and unrestricted version of the plugin.

Can I get a Demo again after my first Demo license is expired?

Absolutely. Just go to the "RealFlow" menu in Cinema 4D and click on the "License" option. Then, in the "License Activator" window, select the "I want to try the demo." option.

Where are the license file(s) stored?
  • OS X: /Users/<username>/Documents/realflow_cinema4d/license
  • Windows: C:\users\<username>\Documents\realflow_cinema4d\license
Do I need an internet connection to license RealFlow | Cinema 4D?

Yes, because the license validation is done via our licensing servers.

Once I have my license, do I still need an internet connection to run RealFlow | Cinema 4D?

No. Once the license is created is copied in your system, we do not have to check it anymore. However, the online help system is located on our severs and to access these pages an internet connection is required.

Where is RealFlow|Cinema 4D's default installation folder?

RealFlow | Cinema 4D is installed in the Cinema 4D's "plugins" folder. This is done automatically by the → installation program, but you need administrator privileges.

Is it possible to install RealFlow | Cinema 4D in a folder different from Cinema 4D's application folder?

Yes, you can install RealFlow | Cinema 4D in the Cinema 4D's user's preference folder:

  • To find out where this folder is, open Edit > Preferences. 
  • In the appearing window, click on "Open Preferences Folder".
  • There you will see the folder where RealFlow | Cinema 4D can be installed.
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